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Advertising Agency in Salt Lake City with Big Results

Mix District Media is a full-service advertising agency in Salt Lake City, Utah. We use of power of strategic advertising campaigns to connect people with your company’s value. Together, let’s make your advertising investment an unstoppable revenue-generating machine.

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Our Approach to Advertising

At Mix District Media, our mission is to engage your business with the right audience via the right advertising channel. We implement the follow tactics into targeted advertising campaigns with the goal of making your business more money than anyone else in Utah.

Online Advertising

We implement highly targeted online advertising campaigns that increase the visibility & reach of your business. Our mission is to generate leads and boost your sales.

Magazine & Print Ads

Our in-house team of designers and printers collaborate to create enticing, targeted print ads that place you right in front of your next customer.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is an essential part of any advertising campaign. We design effective mail pieces with irresistible call-to actions that speak directly to your next customer.

AdWords & PPC

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising channels,. Our expert analysts know how to optimize your conversion rates and create an unstoppable sales funnel.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising in Utah can allow you to reach a larger audience that might not be aware of your business yet. We design, track, and analyze your billboard campaign so your ROI is maximized.

Events & Trade Shows

Trade shows give you the unique opportunity to reach a large amount of people in a short time frame. We design booths that stand out, attract visitors, and generate new leads and sales.

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Our Work

Here are some of our favorite advertising campaigns we’ve launched for our clients.


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Gaudie & Co

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Print + Post

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Cross Canyon Arms

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American Dietetics & Nutrtion

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Client Testimonials

Our clients range from large to small, in all different industries. Our boutique agency is all about attention to detail and that includes our customer service. Click here to learn more about the MDM Rewards program.